Hito Wellness

Relax. Release. Restore.

The symbol Hito is the Japanese character for human being.  It represents how, as human beings, we need each other for support.  We are all interdependent.  We utilize Hito in massage therapy through the technique of using our relaxed body weight to lean on the client.  The client Holds the therapist up in return. This is the fundamental vision of my practice.  A wonderful concept that should exist not only from therapist to client, but out into the world we inhabit.





Opportunities to Relax - Massage Therapy Services

 Hito Wellness

Hito Wellness

Therapeutic Massage

Provide relief and improve your health and wellbeing with a massage especially designed for where you are in your mind, body and spirit. This type of massage supports overall balance in the totality of the human form.

60 minutes - $71.50 

75 minutes - $82.50

90 minutes - $93.50

Sports Massage

For those who do what you love and love what you do, and want to keep doing it! This type of massage is specifically designed to support the athlete and their individual sport. Incorporating passive stretching and sport specific muscle energy techniques we will keep your body primed to perform at its best!

60 minutes - $71.50

75 minutes - $82.50

90 minutes - $93.50 

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is designed to conquer it all!  For those more seasoned to massage and need the occasional full body overhaul! Great for those recovering from an injury or for preventing one. Using myofacial release, trigger point therapy, with aspects of therapeutic and sports massage techniques, the goal is to restore the body to a system that supports itself. 

60 minutes - $71.50

75 minutes - $82.50

90 minutes - $93.50

Specialty Massage

Salt Lake Valley

Hot Stone Massage

Deep relaxation using hot as well as cool stones is the ultimate goal with this treatment. Wonderful for tired muscles, this massage is functional yet papering.

60 minutes - $82.50

75 minutes - $93.50

90 minutes - $104.50

* 75 or 90 minute session recommended

Prenatal Massage

For the mother to be. This massage supports the changes of the pregnant body and enriches the connection of mother and baby throughout the journey of a pregnancy.                                 

60 minutes - $77

75 minutes - $88

90 minutes - $99

*90 minute session recommended

Couples Massage

The chance to enjoy a massage with someone special. Select from any of our massage options and experience it together.

60 minutes - $85 each

75 minutes - $99 each

90 minutes - $110 each

Outcall Massage

Bring the massage experience straight to you! 10% discount for parties of 3 or more.

60 minutes - $130 each

75 minutes - $145 each

90 minutes - $155 each

* does not include hot stone massage