Yoga Classes & Private Lessons

As my massage practice became full time, my relationship changed drastically with my personal yoga practice. It became a space that I would go to not only for relaxation, but as an opportunity to reset my mind and body from the continual positions my massage practice required of me. The awareness that came from taking responsibility for what my body needed, led to a desire to go deeper into my knowledge of yoga all the more. I chose to study under Ganga White, founder of The White Lotus Foundation, upon learning of his desire to maintain spinal integrity within the Asanas, and the flow from one to the next. He was a student of B.K.S Iyengar, who's style is founded in the more medical, alignment based form of the practice.

Gathering together, movements expanding our light and the creation of breath, form a base line trifecta for all skill levels to come together and practice yoga within and among the members of the class. It is important for me to lead a class that supports all levels of the students that I teach. By slowing down and moving with intention, the body, mind, and spirit will come to a space of acting within awareness. Born from sensitivity and insight, the perception of seeing our lives in the present, however briefly within ourselves, also ignites human connection. All of this takes place outside of time. Whether I am teaching a private lesson or leading a group, engaging in a physical practice deepens the relationship with the individuals body, liberates the spirit and supports our desire to connect with our fellow humans. No one knows the body better than you know your own. My passion and desire is to create and lead a class that will accomplish just that.

Member of the Yoga Alliance since 2018